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Digit Music is a record label, a digital instrument manufacturer, and a creative learning and performance company. We use technology as a creative tool, supporting people of all abilities and disabilities to realise their musical potential.

We want everyone to express their musical ideas and experience the enjoyment and benefits of music-making. Sadly for many people these stay locked away because:

  • Traditional instruments are tricky to play, especially with a disability. With fiddly layouts, they need two hands to play well.

  • Music concepts, theory, and notation are complicated.

  • Digital music tools often copy traditional instruments and recording studios which are confusing and geared towards professional users.

We think it’s time for a change.


To make music equally available to everyone.


To remove barriers to music through innovation and easy to use technology, supporting musicians of all abilities and disabilities to develop personally and professionally.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Delivering inclusive workshops that promote progression routes into the creative industries

  • Using Cmpsr, our digital musical instrument for composition and solo or group performance.

  • Giving teachers, music leaders and hubs the confidence and skills to use technology as a musical instrument in the classroom

  • Creating and promoting access to music production and performance opportunities

  • Thinking differently about disability and taking action to recruit, retain and develop disabled and non-disabled people.

  • Listening, learning and being open to change.

  • Connecting our creative learning experiences to our commercial music services.

The team

Our team is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their full musical potential.


Digit Audio Technology Ltd (t/a Digit Music)
Brian Clough Business Centre
200-222 Cotton Lane
Derby, DE24 8GJ

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