Black background with the word 'Trap' spray opainted in red, man wearing a cap and chain stood behind a drum kit with blue neon rims.

Acoustic Trap Drums

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Tired of hearing the same Trap drums over and over again?
Bored of listening to that same metallic snare used in every Trap beat to the point where every production sounds the same?
If you’re looking to sonically push the musical boundaries and enable your productions to really stand out from the crowd, then Acoustic Trap Drums by the inspirational new sample pack label Digit Music has you covered!
55 Full loops, 25 High Hat loops, 30 Tom and Percussion loops, 30 Stripped loops, 30 fills and 40 one-shots and 12 bonus fx loops, all played on astonishing world class DW drums to the highest standard by none other than one of the worlds’ top session drummers: Jonathan Hamilton, aka, Ginger. Ginger has played and toured with the biggest artists in the world such as Sam Smith, Jessie J, and N Dubz to name just a few. Ginger’s feel and world class ability to stay in the pocket has created some of the best Trap drum loops we have ever heard!! On top of that all played live on a drum kit!!
This sample pack is available to download in a variety of options to suit every style and budget. So, if you want to get ahead of the game and break boundaries, then this is the pack for you! Hurry though - you don’t want to be late to the party!!