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Our alternative learning service, ‘Digit_als’, lets all young people have the chance to enjoy a purposeful music education as a contributor to their wellbeing. Through accessible tools and a sequenced approach to teaching music, job, and soft skills, we support young people to forge successful careers in the music and creative industries.

Using modern music, techniques, and technologies, we offer activities and programmes that breathe new life into music and education. Reconnecting students and creativity in the classroom and online.

We deliver accessible, one-off, ‘plug & play’ sessions right through to curriculum-focused music and podcast lessons whilst supporting teachers and educators with resourcing and professional training to excel in their delivery.

We’ve designed and delivered for mainstream, and SEN/D schools, national art centres Southbank Centre, The Barbican, national charities Nordoff Robbins, Youth Music, and have received successive grants from Arts Council England.