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Valhalla Choirs

by Black Octopus

Regular price£19.99 Sale price

Valhalla Choirs

by Black Octopus

Regular price£19.99 Sale price
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The adventure continues! Welcome to Valhalla Choirs, the second part to the Cinematic Sounds series.

Prepare yourself for a journey of epic proportions into the deep dark crystal halls of angels and glory. As you step foot into the glass rooms, you will hear the faint whispers and wails starting to resonate around you. As angelic as they seem, you are unsure if you should step any further into their warm embrace. But you push on… you must find the source! After a few staggering steps, you hear a calming tone…”there they are!” Sitting in front of you under a massive chandelier is a little black box, placed there by the King himself. It’s true! The Valhalla Choirs are real!

Inside this grandiose sample pack is everything you need to sound like your favorite scoring composer! The sounds are just as well suited for any electronic and dance music genres. With full song starters, you are already off on the right foot! Giving you full capabilities and inspiration to produce the sounds you hear floating around in your head. Full ensembles, bass, sopranos, tenors, and full choirs fill this pack to the brim with elegant and top quality sounds. All elements are recorded and separated professionally, to suit which ever layer you want to work with.

So once the box is opened, don’t be afraid. Step into this world of bliss and follow the stream of light to the far side of the reach! The hearts and souls of those that came before him will be waiting for your arrival, and the vocals from the skies will be shining down from above.

Inspired by movies and composers alike; such as Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, and movies like Gladiator, Avatar, Start Trek and Lord Of The Rings to name a few.

Whats Inside: 

30 x Alto Loops

30 x Bass Loops

30 x Choir Loops

60 x Ensemble Loops

30 x Full mix Loops 

30 x Soprano Loops

30 x Tenor Loops

3 x Full Song Starters (21 stems)